Noise Impact Assessment

By conducting an occupational noise assessment with PES you will ensure compliance with the WH&S Regulation 2017, and most importantly that hazardous noise in your workplace is correctly identified and managed, reducing the risk of noise induced hearing loss (HIHL) to your workforce.

PES provide acoustic consulting services for the assessment, management and control of occupational noise. We own and operate the latest Bruel and Kjaer 2250 Lite sound level meter to provide the most accurate on-site data recordings possible.

Our site-specific reports present sound level measurements recorded and analysed, discuss the noise levels generated in the workplace in comparison to the workplace exposure standards (WES) and present our findings and recommendations. We also conduct frequency analysis of the noise to guide accurate hearing protection selections and engineering controls.

We conduct our assessments in accordance with the methods described in Australian Standards AS/NZS 1269 (occupational noise measurement and management), and state and federal government Codes of Practice.

Occupational (or Workplace Noise) Assessment

  • Workplace Noise Monitoring and Assessment
  • Personal Noise Exposure Monitoring
  • Noise Exposure Assessment
  • Occupational Noise Exposure (Work, Health & Safety)
  • Assessment of Intrusive Noise (noise that disturbs or annoys).
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