Mould Sampling and Assessments

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Practical Environmental Solutions conducts comprehensive assessments of residential and commercial buildings to establish contamination extent and exposure to mould in indoor environments, including assessing the risk to human health.

PES’s services include:


  • Assessment of mould contamination or suspected contamination
  • Identifying the cause of the mould contamination
  • Collection of airborne and surface mould spore samples
  • Laboratory analysis to determine total mould concentration, spore counts and speciation, allowing exposure risk to be assessed
  • Establish remediation Scope of Works


  • Conduct a thorough post-remediation inspection to establish the effectiveness of the mould remediation project
  • Collect air and surface samples to provide extra confidence in the completed remediation
  • Issue a Mould Clearance Certificate, testifying to the effectiveness of the operation.

Call Tony on 0401 507 517 to chat about your mould issue.

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