Insurance Assessments

NSW fires clean-up insurance hazardous materials audit asbestos report

As a member of a network of insurance industry service providers, PES provides a first response assessment of, in particular, fire damaged structures for the presence of hazards.

The hazard of most concern is asbestos. We first determine the presence, or not, of asbestos and if confirmed we prepare an Asbestos Removal Control Plan for the clean-up.

Practical Environmental Solutions has been working with insurers and property owners that have been affected by the horrific NSW fires of 2019 and now 2020.

PES has proven itself a key aspect of the state’s recovery process by travelling around the state to audit damaged properties for the presence of hazardous materials like asbestos.

Our quick delivery and turnaround of reports has allowed families to expedite their rebuild.

Call us today if we can help you.

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