Environmental Assessment

Practical Environmental Solutions offers a range of environmental services, such as soil and groundwater sampling and analysis, preparation of remedial action plans, soil waste classifications, noise and vibration monitoring and much more.

Practical Environmental Solutions can assist you with:

  • Project Management of environmental work;
  • Preliminary (PSI) and detailed site contamination assessments (Phase 2);
  • Soil sampling and analysis including Acid Sulphate Soil (ASS);
  • Surface and groundwater sampling and analysis;
  • Preparation of Remedial Action Plans and Validation of Remediation;
  • Underground petroleum storage system remediation (UPSS) and validation assessments;
  • Environmental Management Plans;
  • Soil Waste Classifications;
  • Testing of Asphaltic Concrete for Recycling;
  • Noise and vibration monitoring;
  • Gravitational dust monitoring;
  • Asbestos in soil assessments and remediation;
  • Installation and monitoring of groundwater monitoring wells built to Australian Standards;
  • Bio-remediation works
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