Soil waste classification

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Development activities (installing a pool, subdivision, building construction etc) commonly generate soils that are surplus to requirement and must be disposed of elsewhere.

In the state of NSW a waste classification must be determined for such material before it leaves site so that its appropriate offsite destination can be established; commonly to a NSW EPA-licensed landfill facility or an approved landfill site.

The waste classes available to an assessor are defined under the POEO Act 1997 and the methodologies for determining the classification and reporting are governed by NSW EPA regulatory instruments.

To comply with waste legislation, waste must be classified into one of six categories, based on the level of risk presented to the environment and humans:

  • Special Waste (Such as Asbestos)
  • Liquid Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Restricted Solid Waste
  • General Solid Waste (Putrescible)
  • General Solid Waste (Non-putrescible)

It is unlikely that a facility will accept waste in the absence of a Waste Classification Report.

If you require your soil to be classified (for example, a virgin excavated natural material – or “VENM report”) then please engage us as soon as possible. Phone 0401 507 517.

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