Meth and other drug residue testing

Newcastle Hunter Valley drug residue testing methamphetamine MDMA laboratory remediation

If a property has been used to manufacture illicit drugs like methamphetamine, or even had meth users in residence, careful testing and clean-up is required. We have the qualifications to perform NIOSH 9111 compliant meth residue sampling so you can easily move on with your renovation or remediation.

During the manufacturing process of illicit substances, like meth, chemicals can become airborne and deposit on to a wide array of surfaces. These toxic chemicals can remain long after the laboratory has been shut down and cleared by law enforcement.

The toxicity of these chemicals is a health risk to people living in their vicinity. It also means that owners of rental properties and businesses may be at risk of liability.

According to a Regional EnviroScience report published this year, “463 clandestine drug laboratories were detected in Australia in 2016-17 yielding 27.4 tonnes of illicit drugs. This is equivalent to around 290 average weight adult males. 63.9% of detections were in residential areas. 49.5% of the sites were deemed to be addict (kitchen labs) based where production is for personal use or for sharing with friends”.

Properties used to manufacture drugs like methamphetamine can be remediated, but you need someone to effectively sample the area. We can then assist you with the easiest and most cost-effective method of remediation.

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