Need a quick, easy Hazardous Substances Audit?

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Are you renovating or demolishing/rebuilding a home?

You’ve come to the right place.

Council may require what’s known as a “Hazardous Substances Audit” (and if hazardous substances are present a “Hazardous Substances Management Plan”) be prepared for your development applications that involve extensive rebuilds or the demolition of a building.

Demolition means the defacing, destruction, pulling down or removal of that building in whole or in part.

The Hazardous Substances Audit and any associated management plan may be required up front as part of your DA approval by council.

Hazardous substances, especially asbestos, are found in many homes around the country, sometimes in materials that you would not suspect.

The Newcastle-based team at Practical Environmental Solutions are efficient, knowledgeable and very easy to deal with. And we’re happy to travel.

Hazardous Substances Audits are just one part of our business, but they’re an important part of our work.

Call Tony Milligan on 0401 507 517 to find out how quickly we can complete your Hazardous Substances Audit.

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